Welcome to my Webpage and I hope you enjoy the images. 
While I carried around a basic camera off and on over the years, it was only in late 2015 that I decided to start photography as a serious hobby. Since then I have endeavoured to develop my skills as a photographer, trying many different genres to see what works for me, what interests me and what will be my focus in the future.
Undoubtedly for me Scapes was an early favourite; however, I have developed an interest in Nature and Wildlife and find Streets and Travel both an interesting and challenging exercise. The emotion and stories generated in Monochrome also appeals.
What I do know is this: I will endeavour to take the best shot I can using the camera, lens and environment that I have at that point in time. Post production will generally be minimal and simply designed to enhance what was already there. Occasionally I find that there is an image that works well with that little extra adjustment; however, I subscribe to the view that a photographer is merely a painter of light and capturing light is the key, and that most of the real work for me should be done when taking the original photo of the subject.
As for why I do this and what is my intent. All my adult life, I taken pleasure and satisfaction in learning. As I shift to next phase of my life I am transferring this desire to learn towards photography and in developing and refining my skills, to try different things, to wait patiently for that special moment or different look and to get up before the sun rises and stay after it has gone.
More importantly, these images remind me of the world that we live in and the need to truly understand and appreciate this planet and all that makes it what it is: our home.
I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.
Respect the World, Love Life.
Greg McMillan LAPS, AAPS, FAPS
  : Certificate of Professional Photography, Photography Institute (2016)
  : Senior Vice-President Australian Photographic Society (APS) - 2020 to current
  : Member Australian Photographic Society Management Committee (APS) - 2018 to current
  : Member Australian Photographic Society (APS) - 2016 to current
  : Club President Gold Coast Photographic Society - 2020, 2021
  : Club Secretary Gold Coast Photographic Society - 2016, 2017, 2018
  : Member Macedon Ranges Photographic Society (MRPS) - 2022 to current
  : Member Bendigo Camera Club - 2022 to current
  : Member Gold Coast Photographic Society (GCPS) - 2015 to current
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